Monday, April 29, 2013

Say Goodbye to Posterous

As the title says, yes posterous will be closing on April 30, 2013. I will be missing this site which I've been using for over a year. 

Posterous is a blogging platform which is just the same as other blogging sites. It was started in May 2008 and was funded by Y Combinator. Their mission was to make an easier photo sharing and connect with your social networks. Posterous runs smoothly for years but just last  March 12, 2012, Posterous was acquired by twitter and have decided to shutdown their operation this day including their mobile applications, this means that on April 30, posterous will no longer be available either to view or to edit. 

If your worried about your files, worried no more because posterous gives us an option to backup our files and download it, simply by going to:

If you want to move all your files to another site which just the same as posterous, I'll recommend Wordpress or Squarespace or Tumblr, they offer import of files and move all your content over to either service. Remember back it up now!

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