Monday, August 13, 2012

The Unspoken Love

Being in love is just a normal feeling which we felt to our opposite sex. It’s the most exciting feeling a person will feel on her entire life. Let me ask you one thing, have you already experienced being in love with someone else? So I’m sure you’ll know already how it felt, right?

Being in love with someone makes your day perfect like it’s the best day in your existence. Smiles were on your face day by day and you’ll be inspired with it. But as the days goes by, would you still remain in love without telling it to her the truth? I doubt it would be so hard for you that you will not feel comfortable every time she’s around and there, you’re just looking at her. 

How great of you that you’re in love with someone else but also how unfortunate you are that you can’t tell it to her how you feel. There are lots of reason why these things happened. One is both he is ashamed and feeling uncomfortable of telling the truth or that girl has already taken by other man. Which is which? I guess you’re just ashamed of telling the truth. You know what, there’s nothing will gone missing if you tell it to her that you love her since the first time you saw her. Do not mind what she will say back the important is you have spoken the unspoken words or feeling inside your heart.  After that I’m sure everything’s fine. My last advice is please don’t hope too much or do not expect that she will say yes, sometimes you have to face rejections and its still part of being in love.

Mostly teenagers is the one who can experience this things because it’s the stage of our life where our mind and our behavior starting to change, it’s the stage that the flower starts to bloom and I just hope that until it becomes mature the flower will still be blooming.

So to every guy out there, don’t be afraid to tell to your inspiration how you feel for her because there’s nothing wrong in loving.  It will just become wrong if you will handle it in the wrong way, be gentle and have patience to her.  

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