Monday, May 30, 2011

Tree of friendship - Life after graduation

Do you believe in the sayings "nothing in this world is constant...?" If you wanna ask me back, I do say Yes! and I am posting this topic because I do really missed my friends when I was in college. Who among you here doesn't know how happy does the life of a college student especially when you have lots of good friends. Below you can see a group of friends and that is my group friends whom I really missed a lot.
Taken during our ringhop day!
I don't know why I felt such this emotion now, maybe I just value our friendship and also maybe I just need to find new one but ofcourse I have to treasured them, my old ones... Now, our way has been separated but the root of our friendship still connected and I hope someday the tree that binds us one will still remain.

We're now in our different  world and each one of us has our different works, works that makes us a real individual. Like:

Name: Marjorie Dela Cerna
N-Name: Marj
Address: Samboan, Cebu
Course: BSIT
Job Experiences: Sales Representative in Samar (I don't know the name of the company)
Personality: Jolly girl but serious to his life...hehe, faithful to her bf.. and a supportive one!

Name: Rainerio P. Dicdiquin 
N-Name: Rainer
Address: Boljoon, Cebu
Course: BSIT
Job Experiences: RDU or stock checker at SM Supermarket 
       Technical Support at MLhullier Philippines (present)
Personality: Generous?? I don't think so..hehe.. Smart? yeah we are all smart.. Cute and Handsome??? well, he's just 2nd on me. Sporty? yes he is!

Name: Rizel P. Suarez
N-name: Risai
Address: Minglanilla, Cebu
Course: BSIT
Job ExperiencesOperations- BPO Tech at CBS or Customer Benefit Services located at Keppel Bldg.
Personality: She's a smart woman, palaban daw sya... friendly?? (a little) and most of all presentable...hehe(u know wat i mean..right?)

Name: Maryliez Malubay
N-name: Liez
Address: Santander, Cebu
Course: BSIT
Job Experiences: Customer Service Representative at Qualfon.
Personality: Friendly?? yes she is.. Very talkative girl during our college years. hehe.. but it's fine. She's our bank when were running out of budget.. 

Name: Eliezer F. Luardo Jr
N-name: syonge/junex
Address: Gawi, Oslob, Cebu
Course: BSIT
Job Experiences: SEO at Webxpress Inc
     Content Management System/ Web Developer at Webxpress Inc.(present)
Personality: Secreto lang para bibo.. hehe... syempre cute.. hehe way suyaay. 

    We are all five in our group and we are the Thesis Wizard named by us only.

    To all my friends, God Bless to each one of us and may the time come that we will still meet each other again. See you in the real life. 


      1. really nice.. u just don't know how thankful i am i came to know u.. hmmm.. hope we could still be friends.. forever.. no memory gap.. haha!

        i'm just a text away whenever you need me..
        labi na bahin diha sa bhouse.. ahem!

        1. Hi Rizel, hope you're fine, how's life? I don't know if I could still communicate with you guys and your changing phone #'s now, after all, I can't forget all the memories we had in our college years. I miss that years so much...

          Have a good time! keep safe guys.

      2. i mz u also eliezer, s0meday we wl m8 again, kahilak0n q pagbasa xa website. . .


      3. i mz u also eliezer, s0meday we wl m8 again, kahilak0n q pagbasa xa website. . .


        1. Hi liez,

          Musta... bonding sad ta ninyu some other times... Others na kau mo hap...

      4. hi guyzz miss na jud tamo

      5. hi ninyo... musta namo... jhunex


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