Sunday, October 9, 2011

Google to become second biggest social website in 12 months

Upon examining the first month of results since the launch of the new social media platform Google +1, it is set to become a key competitor to Facebook & Twitter.Uptake has been strong, with Google reporting over 25 million accounts have already been set up – and they are still in the Beta testing stage. This could be a little pre-emptive however, but there are signs it is heading in the right direction based on some of the survey’s findings:-          45% of users report reading content once a day or more (only Facebook’s 62% is higher among social networks) -          46% of Google+ users report creating content (e.g., creating posts; sharing links) at least once a week. This competes with Twitter (42%) – where effortless content creation is its heart.Perhaps more interestingly, is the finding that the demographics of Google+ are substantially different to the other main social platforms. The current uptake of users shows the majority from a young male demographic.-          3 men for every 2 women (vs. 1 man for every 1.2 women on Facebook)-          43% of membership is 18-29 (vs. 31% for Facebook -          59% has a college degree (vs. 37% for Facebook)-          48% are single (vs. 33% of Facebook users)Again, this is limited data – as Google+ is so new (and only a small number of people were interviewed), but it does suggest the platform could be being used in a different way to Facebook – although social, it is less focused on the profile page and more on the sharing element; it has features that definitely appeal to a different audience. Some of these features include Circles- the ability to separate groups of friends – you choose who and what they see within that particular Circle. For example, you can create a ‘Co-workers’ or ‘Family’ Circle. This is easier to navigate than Facebook friend groups and lists. This is also one of the features that is clearly separating Google+ from Facebook. Whereas Facebook advocates a more public disclosure, Google+ is the opposite – promoting the idea of separating your social groups quite literally.  Whilst at the moment Google+ is still in its testing phase, it seems quite simple to manage these Circles. However, we envisage it could potentially get quite tricky to organise all your Circles, especially as usage grows. Although the number of Google+ users is expected to rise dramatically over the coming year, there are still doubts as to the incentive for Facebook users to move to the Google network. Those that have a Gmail account are much more likely to try Google+ due to the fact they are already in the Google ‘clique’. Also, Facebook are not likely to make it easy to leave – it is quite difficult to export data from the platform – such as photos, information, contacts. Another thing to remember is that Facebook got really entertaining when all your friends signed up and it did not develop in a day – it took time. The Google Project has great potential but has a long way to go yet…Reference: YouGov interviewed 1,003 adults, nationally-representative of the US online adult population, online from 29 July–2Aug 2011.

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