Friday, August 26, 2011

Horn of Africa Drought

More than 11 million people across the Horn of Africa are in urgent need of food assistance and WFP needs your help to get it to them. Here are 10 things absolutely anyone can do to help us save lives.

Tweets for the Horn of Africa 
11 million people across HornofAfrica in desperate need of food assistance. WFP needs our help to feed them.
10 things anyone can do to help hungry people in the HornofAfrica.
Latest news and info from the front lines of #HornOfAfrica hunger crisis available here!
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Check out the interactive map! 

Stay on top of the hunger crisis with this regularly updated, interactive map that shows how and where WFP is operating.

Take the quiz! 

Put your knowledge about the Horn of Africa hunger crisis to the test. Take this quiz and feed a child. Then share it with your friends!

1. Make an online donation
Over the coming weeks, WFP will feed more people across the Horn of Africa than live in Los Angeles. That’s a big job. Making a secure online donation is one of the best ways you can help us get it done. Donate now.
2. Donate by text message
Don't have a credit card? No problem. If you live in the United States, Canada the United Kingdom or South Africa you can also donate by text message. Here's how:
For the US, text the word AID to this number: 27722 to donate $10.
For Canada, text the word RELIEF to this number: 45678 to donate $5. 
For the UK, text the word AID to this number: 70303 to donate £3.
For South Africa, text the word FOOD to this number: 38727 to donate R10.
3. Take the quiz
How much do you know about what’s going on in the Horn of Africa? Find out by taking this short quiz. For every person who takes it, a child will receive a warm meal thanks to an anonymous donor. Put your knowledge to the test and then challenge your friends! Take the quiz
4. Share this video
It’s less than one minute long and will give you a good idea of the situation in the Horn of Africa and what WFP is doing about it. After you’ve seen it make sure all of your friends see it as well. Watch the video
5. Stay current
Thousands of people are on the move across Somalia and WFP is rapidly scaling up its operations in the region. Check out our interactive crisis map to see how WFP's emergency operation is unfolding. For the latest news and updates plus plus photos, videos and stories from the field go to the Crisis Page
6. Get social
The world needs to know about what’s going on in the Horn of Africa and that starts with your friends on Facebook, your followers on Twitter, your subscribers on YouTube etc.  Join our online communities and share the message with your friends and followers. Facebook | Twitter | Youtube
7. Grab a banner
Are you a blogger? Go check out our collection of banners and then put one on your site. Make sure that the people who come to your blog know what it’s for. If you don’t write a blog yourself, send this link around to the bloggers you like to read and tell them what to do.Grab a banner
8. Get these ads published
Contact your local newspaper and ask them to publish one of our print ads. Make sure they know that you think this is the single most important story in the news right now. See the print ads
9. Be creative
There are hundreds of things ordinary people can do to help our operations in the Horn of Africa. Taking up a collection at school or holding a neighbourhood fundraiser are just a few of things are supporters have done to help feed the hungry. If you need some inspiration, find out what Andrew, an 11-year-old from Ghana, has done to help children like him in the Horn of Africa. Read the story
10. Keep us posted
We want to know what you’re doing to raise money and awareness to help us do our work. You can write to us at, get in touch with us on Twitter at @WFP or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Click this link: Horn of Africa Drought 

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