Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call Center Survival Tips

Are you working as a call center agent? If yes, then this all you need in order for you to survive. As we all know most agents are working at night, in this case, you really need lots of energy so that you won't be down on your duty. Here are some observations I made and applied in order to survive:

1. Take Vitamins. Vitamins is very important to us because it will help us in giving and maintaining our body resistance. Vitamins with Iron or Ferrous Sulfate to generate more blood because working in a call center is so tiring job, we must keep our blood level and healthy.

2. Eat Nutritious Foods. This will help us in cleaning our body's bad elements.

3. Enough Rest. We should take a rest when theirs no job I mean when we don't have a job.  This is the only time we can gain rest so take it for granted.

4. Drink Beer. If you can't sleep on the daytime, it's good to drink a bottle of beer.

Sample call center office     

 These are some tips on how to survive working in a call center. If you will just follow this simple tips then theirs no reason for you to get fired due to unhealthy behavior.

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